The economic future and democratic strength of nations depend, to a great extent, on the professional quality and moral standards of the civil servants entrusted with managing the public sector. The Federmann School of Public Policy and Governשמבק provides graduate students with the analytic tools necessary for effective participation in the process of addressing issues in public policy.

Our school combines interdisciplinary research with graduate studies, and aims to contribute to the enrichment and professional training of senior staff in the civil service, local government, and other public bodies.

As part of their training, our students develop the ability to deal with complex issues, and examine problems and solutions from various perspectives and disciplines. They also develop the ability to apply abstract ideas in concrete contexts. For these reasons, emphasis is placed on discipline-based learning, alongside the development of the ability to make informed use of multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge.

The School for Public Policy was established in 2002 and on December 20th 2006 was renamed at a ceremony that was held in memory of Yekutiel (Kassil) Federmann and his brother Shmuel (Semo) Federmann, in recognition of their long-standing support of the Hebrew University.