Honors Program - M.A.

Target audience

The program is designed for outstanding students with bachelor's degrees from any discipline. We seek ambitious graduate students with high leadership potential, who seek to acquire the scholastic, research, and analytical skills needed for policymaking in the public and third sectors. The program is especially well-suited to individuals planning a career as public servants, or in positions that require advanced training in research and policy analysis.



Excellence scholarships are awarded in the first year of the program to students with the strongest academic and professional records, subject to terms and conditions. Other competitive scholarships are available throughout the program.


Admission requirements

Prospective students should hold a bachelor’s degree with honors in any subject. In addition, the application requires academic and/or professional letters of recommendation, and a summary of past academic and public activities. Candidates who meet the course requirements will be invited for a personal interview.


The purpose of the program

The Feher MA Program strives to develope broad-minded, responsible, and creative public leadership. The program combines interdisciplinary research with graduate level courses, and is intended for the enrichment and professional training of senior staff in the civil service, local government, and other public bodies.

The program provides graduates with the ability to examine public policy issues from a variety of perspectives, and to implement abstract ideas in concrete contexts. In order to achieve these goals, special emphasis is placed on courses that combine the theoretical basis of the main disciplines related to public policy with a practical and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.


The curriculum

The program consists of three components:

- Practical policy analysis that provides the toolbox and methodological knowledge required for analyzing problems and possible solutions in public policy issues.

- Qualitative and quantitative training in policy research for analyzing processes of change and development in public policy.

- Multidisciplinary training designed to develop an integrative understanding of social, economic, political, and legal processes.


The degree program is completed over two years with all classes being concentrated on one day per week. It is possible to register for the MA in a research (thesis) or non-research track. Graduates will be awarded a Master of Arts in Public Policy.