Prof. Anat Gofen

Anat Gofen

Anat Gofen is a sassociate professor at the Federman School of Public Policy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research focuses on the role of outliers in the evolvement, design and implications of public policy, with emphasis on the interrelationships between citizens, government and policy implementation. Currently, her research aims at theorization of the broader significance of citizens-government direct interaction that takes place during services delivery in street-level organizations. Specifically, her studies demonstrate outliers’ mechanisms, influences and contributions to public life in various policy domains, including education, health and welfare, through concepts such as family capital (FAMREL), entrepreneurial exit (PADM, PMR), street-level divergence (JPART), street-level management (JPART), street-level negotiation (PADM) and policy dissonance (POLSC).

She recently received a BSF grant, with Adam Wellstead and Angie Carter from Michigan Tech to explore Policy Innovation Labs as a nexus of policy implementation and policy change. She is a co-chair of the Public Policy study group of the European Group of Public Administration. 

Research Interests:

Policy process, Policy change, Implementation, Street-level management, Policy Labs

Recent publications

Gofen, A. & Weimer, D.L, forthcoming, Finding Gold in the Dross: Outlierism as a Resource for Policy Analysis, in Vigoda-Gadot, E. and Vashdi, D. (eds) Research Methods in Public Administration, Management and Policy: Breaking New Frontiers: Edward Elgar Publishing

Gassner, D., & Gofen, A. (2019). Coproduction Investments: Street-Level Management Perspective on CoproductionCogent Business & Management,

Gassner, D., & Gofen, A. (2018). Street-Level Management: A Clientele-Agent Perspective on ImplementationJournal of Public Administration Research and Theory28(4), 551-568.

Gofen, A., Blomqvist, P., Needham, C. E., Warren, K., & Winblad, U. (2018). Negotiated Compliance at the Street Level: Personalizing immunization in England, Israel and Sweden. Public Administration

Gofen, A., Sella S., and Gassner, D. 2019. Unit of Analysis in Street-Level Bureaucracy Research. In, Peter Hupe (Editor), Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Street-Level Bureaucracy: The Ground Floor of Government in Context. Edward Elgar Publishing.