Dr. Elyakim Kislev

Elyakim Kislev

ELYAKIM KISLEV is the head of the Honors Program in the School of Public Policy and Governance at the Hebrew University, specializing in technology and population studies. ​Kislev is the author of Happy Singlehood: The Rising Acceptance and Celebration of Solo Living, published by University of California Press (2019), which has been translated into numerous languages and was featured CNNBBC World News, Bloomberg, among many others.


Kislev's second book, Relationships 5.0: How AI, VR, and Robots Will Reshape Our Emotional Lives, published by Oxford University Press (2022), analyzes three technological revolutions in the making: The cognitive (AI), sensual (VR and AR), and physical (Robots) revolutions. Relationships 5.0 was selected to be Oxford's 2022 lead title in the science category.


His other writings include various articles and edited books on the subjects of leadership, immigration, social and educational policy, ethnic minorities, social justice, group therapy, singles studies, relationships, sexuality, and more.