Dr. Gadi Taub

Gadi Taub

Gadi Taub, He earned his Ph. D. in American History from Rutgers University. He writes about Zionism, Liberalism, and Psychoanalytic Theory. He is the author of a number of bestselling works of fiction, and several non-fiction books on Israeli culture and politics, such as What is Zionism (Hebrew) and The Settlers and The Struggle Over the Meaning of Zionism (also published in English by Yale University Press, 2010).

He is an op-ed columnist for Haaretz and a regular contributor on politics and culture on Israeli radio and television. He is known in Israel for his criticism of postmodernism and post-Zionism, ever since the publication of his bestselling A Dispirited Rebellion: Essays on Contemporary Israeli Culture (Hebrew, 1997). 


Research interests: Zionism and Post-Zionism, Israeli History, American History, Populism, Immigration Policy, Psychoanalytic Theory