Prof. Limor Samimian Darash

Limor Samimian Darash
Samimian Darash

Prof. Limor Samamian – Darash  is an associate professor at the Federmann School. The conceptualization and preparedness for future uncertainties; Health and security events/crisis; Scenario technology; Emergency management; The theocratization of: Risk, Emergency, Imagination, Uncertainty, and the Future (in the fields of Anthropology and Sociology). 

Selected publications: Modes of Uncertainty: Anthropological Cases, (University of Chicago Press, co-edited with Paul Rabinow, 2015); “Governing Future Potential Biothreats: Toward an Anthropology of Uncertainty” (Current Anthropology, 2013); “Practicing Uncertainty: Scenario-Based Preparedness Exercises in Israel” (Cultural Anthropology, 2016);  “Anthropology of Security and Security in Anthropology: Cases of Counterterrorism in The United States” co-authored with Meg Stalcup (Anthropological Theory, 2017); “Governing through Time: Preparing for Future Threats to Health and Security(Sociology of health & illness, 2011).