Prof. Momi Dahan

Momi Dahan

My work reflects a long-term research effort aimed at exploring the roots of economic inequality and its consequences. This research effort resulted in both theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions that expanded and deepened our understanding in several academic fields. Unlike a typical scholar, my research reflects a broad range of interests as can be seen in my list of articles that have been published in top journals in various academic fields: Economics, Public Policy, Political Science, Environmental Science, Area Studies, and Psychology. As a result of my theoretical and empirical research on the causes and consequences of economic inequality, I became a leading professional reference for top political figures and senior officials in Israel. Since I joined the Hebrew University I was invited to give my advice to key policy players in diverse fields, such as the Finance Minister, the director of Social Security and the IDF Chief of Staff. In addition, I am frequently asked by international institutions like the OECD and IMF, to outline my perspective on the Israeli economy. Giving advice to top decision makers may have helped shape public policy in Israel, but it has also been a source of inspiration for my research.